Vineyard of Costalunga

Vineyard of Costalunga is the latest purchase of the family Fornaser. It is bordered by the extreme part of Valpolicella, in the municipal district of Sant’Ambrogio with an ideal altitude of 350 m. Costalunga is composed of terracing’s with a full exposure to sunlight from east to west because of the remarkable expansion, as its name suggests. (“Costalunga” means “Long coast”, that is to say a long and wide territory with a particularly fortunate position and exposure to sunlight). The vineyard offers new qualitative nuances to the production of the Fornasers thanks to a conjunction of very successful events.

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Azienda Agricola Monte Faustino di Fornaser Paolo
Via Bure Alto, 1 - 37029 - S.Pietro in Cariano (VR)
Partita IVA 02695210233 - Cod. Fiscale FRNPLA65H30L781Q